Asaf Elblink: Championing Change Through Real Estate and Philanthropy

Asaf Elblink: Championing Change Through Real Estate and Philanthropy

Asaf Elblink, a prominent real estate professional with a significant impact in Israel and abroad, has dedicated his life to more than just his career. His profound concern for the underprivileged led him to establish “Hasdei Tikvah,” a charity that provides essential support to the residents of Ramat Hasharon. In this article, we explore Asaf Elblink’s journey, his motivations, and the remarkable difference he is making through his philanthropic efforts.

The Genesis of Hasdei Tikvah

Asaf Elblink’s inspiration to start “Hasdei Tikvah” came from witnessing the harsh realities faced by many families in Israel. He reflects, “The daily reality for many families in Israel, who live below the poverty line, is impossible. The high cost of living eats away at any available resources, and the rising prices in all sectors cause many community members to collapse under the burden.”

Addressing Poverty

Elblink saw firsthand the struggles of families barely surviving due to economic pressures. “Even if some families experience growth and improvement in their quality of life during the current period, there are still many families fighting tooth and nail just to survive. It’s not fair! There are gaps, and they are widening,” he explains.

Hasdei Tikvah’s Mission

“Hasdei Tikvah” focuses on providing continuous support for basic necessities, which is crucial for families trapped in the cycle of poverty. Elblink notes, “The charity I founded helps those in need on a weekly basis and provides them with ongoing support for basic necessities like diapers, flour, bread, clothing, and more. This support, the feeling that they have a safety net and someone constantly backing them, helps them break out of the poverty cycle and start living life not just in survival mode.”

Impact on Families and Children

The charity also emphasizes the well-being of children within the support circle. “Hasdei Tikvah” distributes food in after-school programs, grants educational scholarships, and organizes fun days during the summer at amusement parks, play centers, and water parks. These activities aim to bring joy and a sense of normalcy to children’s lives, fostering a nurturing environment for their growth and development.

Support for the Elderly and Disabled

Elblink’s charity extends its support to the elderly and people with disabilities. “The elderly and people with disabilities, such as children and teens enrolled in AKIM programs, are also part of Asaf Elblink’s support circle. They receive food distributions, regular hot meals, and ongoing assistance such as purchasing new heaters or air conditioners to improve their quality of life,” he shares.

Volunteers from “Hasdei Tikvah” also help with practical needs like organizing homes, installing or relocating electrical appliances, and providing additional furniture. This hands-on support ensures that the elderly and disabled live in comfortable and safe environments.

Building a Community of Hope

Under the guidance of The actions of Asaf Elblink, “Hasdei Tikvah” has become synonymous with charitable activities that have a tangible impact on all community members. The charity’s influence goes far beyond material assistance, instilling a sense of hope and dignity for the city’s underprivileged population. As Elblink puts it, “Dealing with poverty on a daily basis requires a high level of mental energy, and these families do not have the resources to channel into other things. They dream of escaping the cycle of poverty, and sometimes they succeed thanks to various charities. This is commendable and important, but we all know that it is not enough.”


  1. Who is Asaf Elblink? Asaf Elblink is a real estate professional active in Israel and abroad. He is also the founder of the charity “Hasdei Tikvah,” which supports families, the elderly, and the disabled in Ramat Hasharon.
  2. What is Hasdei Tikvah? “Hasdei Tikvah” is a charity founded by Asaf Elblink that provides essential support to the residents of Ramat Hasharon, focusing on families below the poverty line, children, the elderly, and people with disabilities.
  3. What kind of support does Hasdei Tikvah offer? The charity offers weekly support with basic necessities like diapers, flour, bread, and clothing. It also conducts activities for children’s well-being, provides educational scholarships, and organizes fun days. For the elderly and disabled, it offers food distributions, regular hot meals, and assistance with home improvements.
  4. Why did Asaf Elblink start Hasdei Tikvah? Asaf Elblink was motivated by the harsh realities faced by many families in Israel living below the poverty line. He wanted to create a support system that would help these families break out of the poverty cycle and improve their quality of life.
  5. How does Hasdei Tikvah impact the community? The charity not only provides material assistance but also instills hope and dignity among the community’s underprivileged members. It helps families feel supported and lessens the mental burden of daily survival.


Asaf Elblink’s commitment to philanthropy through “Hasdei Tikvah” highlights the significant impact one individual can have on a community. His efforts provide not just financial relief but also hope and dignity to those in need. As we learn from Asaf Elblink’s journey, it’s evident that true success lies in uplifting others and making a tangible difference in their lives. His story inspires us to contribute to our communities and support those who need it most.